Most Recommended Tours to Komodo

Most Recommended Tours to Komodo

Komodo National Park is famous for being the homeland of over 2000 Komodo Dragons. There are also other wildlife inhabitants in the National Park such as wild pigs, deer, buffalo, and many more. Our most recommended tours to Komodo will allow you to explore wholly the best things in the National Park.

These tours to Komodo island depart from Labuan Bajo. There are also some departing from Bali and Lombok. The tour to Komodo from Lombok is scheduled 3 times a week.

Our tours to Komodo Island from Bali are available for private and shared arrangements. Your arrival flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo will connect with the boat tour. Once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, our team will pick you up from the airport. After that, drive to the dock for a boat tour.

The Most Recommended Tours to Komodo National Park

We have selected all the tours to Komodo from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok. Our recommended tour packages vary, depending on your travel style. For more details, read out this page clearly.

The arrangements of tours to see Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. You will also enjoy the spectacular views and underwater world of Komodo National Park.

Komodo National Park is a world-class dive site. There are over 20 dive sites found in the National Park. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling on an untouched coral reef and rich underwater marine life.

Below are the recommended tours to Komodo National Park to Book:

  1. Full-day tours on a speedboat from Labuan Bajo. These tour packages are available in private and shared arrangements. You will be able to visit 6 places in Komodo National Park in 10 hours.
  2. 2 Days 1 Night Sail Komodo. The tour will be served in private and you will visit 6 places. Enjoy sailing in a private Phinisi boat.
  3. 3 days 2 Nights Komodo Island Tour. This tour package is available for private use and shared arrangements. You can also book this tour from Bali.

These are the best-recommended tour packages for Komodo.