From Yogyakarta to Bromo, which transportation should you take?

Traveling to Mount Bromo is the dream of many people. Many domestic and international tourists want to travel to Mount Bromo to relieve themselves of fatigue. Especially for Yogyakarta residents who want to go to Mount Bromo, they must be confused because if they want to go to Bromo, what ride should they take.

Next, we want to try to break down how to get to Bromo if starting from Yogyakarta. What do you take from Yogyakarta to Bromo? You can take the train, night bus or airplane. But our recommendation is to use the Train or Night Bus. Below is our breakdown of the advice we provide.

Where is Mount Bromo located?

Before that, let’s first breakdown the location of Mount Bromo itself. So we can better know where we are going.

Mount Bromo itself is located in 3 districts. Namely, Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency and Malang Regency. The three cities have access to the entrance to Mount Bromo.

Each city has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want to experience staying at the Plataran Bromo hotel, you have to go via Bromo via Pasuruan. Or if you want to travel to Bromo and want to stop by the Madakaripura waterfall, you must go through Probolinggo. Another advantage is that Probolinggo has many good hotels directly opposite the Bromo Crater.

The city with the easiest access is Malang. You can go to Malang via train or night bus. If there is more budget can also be by air. Because in Malang there is already an airport. You can also use the bromo ijen yogyakarta tour package to visit Bromo from Yogyakarta.

From Yogyakarta to Bromo Via Train

Our first suggestion is to use the train. This transportation is besides easy and comfortable. Also affordable for all people. You can choose with Economy, Business or Executive Trains. Here’s how to get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta according to the location of the destination city you want to visit

Probolinggo / Pasuruan

If your goal is to go to Bromo via the city of Probolinggo or Pasuruan, you can choose a train that ends with the city of Surabaya. After Surabaya, you can continue with the Intercity Bus or use the existing Bromo Tour Package Services.

There are 2 choices of stations, namely Gubeng Station and Pasar Turi Station. No need to be confused about choosing a destination station. Because it’s the same. Gubeng Station itself is usually for Economy and Business trains, while Pasar Turi Station is for Business and Executives.


If your goal is to go to Bromo via Malang. You can choose to look for a train with the final destination to Malang Station or Malang Kota Lama Station.

From Malang station, you can continue by renting a Bromo Open Trip Tour Package Service or by public transportation to go to the jeep transit point.

Or before that, you can take a tour of the city of Batu and the city of Malang while waiting for 12 o’clock at night to leave for Mount Bromo.

From Yogyakarta to Bromo Via Night Bus

If you run out of train tickets because there are very limited train tickets. We recommend you to use the Night Bus. Don’t get me wrong, night buses are now very comfortable for transportation. Otobus companies compete to improve the quality of their services. Here we provide recommendations for night buses that you can use if you want to go to Mount Bromo

Destination Probolinggo / Pasuruan

From Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo by bus, you can use the Gunung Harta PO Bus. In fact, this bus is the final bus to Bali. But you can stop at Surabaya / Probolinggo. After that, you can continue by renting a car or joining the Bromo tour package service.

If you want to save more, you can take the EKA bus. From Yogyakarta and stop at the Surabaya terminal.

Destination Malang

To go to Malang by bus. You can choose with the Malang Indah Fleet or Dieng Travel which regularly departs from Yogyakarta to Malang.

For the fleet itself, it is usually the Toyota Innova or Hiace. So it’s comfortable for regular travel sizes.