With the rainy season approaching, many people face a dilemma about what to do with their outdoor furniture. Many go to great lengths to find space to store their furniture so that it doesn’t get hit by rain and damage.

However, outdoor teak furniture owners do not waste time thinking about this problem because they use their outdoor furniture all year round without having to worry about the problem of changing weather. Owners of outdoor teak furniture can even enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting on their teak chairs enjoying the beautiful raindrops.

Over the years, bamboo woven furniture has become the favorite outdoor furniture of many people. However, at the end of the 19th century, outdoor teak furniture began to gain popularity in the eyes of furniture lovers. One of the reasons for the popularity of this teak furniture is its beauty.

Teak furniture is said to be beautiful because even though it has been hit by rain and heat for years, teak furniture will always look beautiful. Teak furniture may change its color from golden brown to silvery gray color, but its appearance will always look beautiful and elegant.

Teak trees are widely grown in Indonesia, where the weather is hot, humid and wet. Teak is one of the hardest solid woods in the world, resistant to various types of weather damage, pests and water repellent.

In addition, teak wood is also very durable and does not easily crack or break, which is why this wood is widely used as a material for making outdoor furniture. Teak changes color with age. Teak easily varies from light brown to dark brown, and with age it turns silvery gray.

You will begin to see the first gray lines after three to four months of weathering the teak furniture. However, this will also depend on the climatic conditions in your area. If the area where you live has hot days but cold nights, then teak furniture will turn gray faster. However, if the day and night temperatures in your area are stable enough then in most cases, new teak furniture will be completely gray in about a year or two.